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Bulky Item Delivery Done Right

Posted by admin August - 28 - 2011 7 Comments

bulky item pickup packedPacking a van for a safe and efficient move is a true art. Here, I am demonstrating now to pack a moving van with many items. These items were from 2 craigslist pickups. As movers, it is easy to just throw everything in the van, but it could cause damage. Often, we have clients that are making multiple purchases from estate sales, property liquidations, or even auctions. Proper packing strategy means that the items are delivered to the client in perfect condition.

7 Responses so far.

  1. Jason B. says:

    My wife decided to buy an enormous solid wood bed frame for a smokin’ deal on craigslist. But guess what? We don’t own a truck and we needed the bed frame before our mattress arrived. Oh, and the frame was on a second storey of some weird coastal apartment with super narrow stairs (this is what the seller told me — great!).
    After calling around, it was $120 to rent a truck plus extra for gas, so that wasn’t happening. Then I called up a few different movers, but they either didn’t do single item pickups or they wanted $200 to do it. Plus they were really rude on the phone and just not the people I wanted to deal with. Since the frame cost me $300, this wasn’t adding up and the situation was quickly becoming a horribly painful process. I called up a friend to see if he had any ideas and he recommended Craigs Mover OC. He had used them before.
    I called up the owner, Serg. He had a slight Russian accent but was really friendly. He said it’d be $50 plus a few dollars for extra mileage. The best part was that he could do it right away. He asked me for the seller’s info and he took it from there. 90 minutes later, he was at my door with the frame. I paid him for the frame plus $55 for his help.
    When he opened the van, I noticed that he had carefully packed everything with moving blankets and bungee-corded everything. He even helped me get it in place in the bedroom at my house (and he took the heavy end going up the stairs).
    I can’t imagine a better solution for large craigslist purchases and I feel good about giving a decent hardworking local guy a few bucks rather than some lame moving company.

  2. Zianna E. says:

    The owner Serg is very supportive, came the same day and moved my 200 lb treadmill. Best prices ever! Highly recommend them!

  3. Ryan J. says:

    Serge helped my family move some heavy items 75 miles away. We had a queen mattress and box spring, trundle bed with twin mattresses, and a sofa sleeper couch.

    He packed everything very carefully, arrived on time, and worked very quickly. I will use him again in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone in a heart beat.

  4. Olya V. says:

    These guys are awesome!!! I needed to move a flat screen, bed, dressers, and misc items. They showed up, and within minutes they had everything out the door. What surprised me was how quick they did their job yet deliberately and carefully. When we got to the new home, it was the same thing. It was the quickest move ive ever had! I will DEFINITELY use them in the future!! Thanks again guys!!!

  5. Frances.S says:

    Serge and his brother Paul helped me move twice within the last month. They are very polite, helpful, and professional.

    During Dec I had to move all my things out of my old apartment to a friend’s garage for storage. I didn’t find a mover until the last minute. I had only a queen size bed, a desk, one small table, and some boxes. All other moving companies quoted me for over $300, some close to 400, to move from Costa mesa to Irvine. So I searched on yelp and read all the reviews, then decided to give Craigs Mover a try. Serge showed up just couple hours later and charged me a very reasonable price for last minute help! They saved my day!

    Early this week, they helped me again moving into my new apartment in Costa Mesa. They are Excellent at what they do! Very careful with all the boxes and furniture. Highly recommend for anyone who’s looking for moving helps!

  6. TC.C. says:

    These guys were great, moved us from Mission Viejo to San Clemente extremely quickly and efficiently on short notice, and got it all done even though it took two trips in the same afternoon.
    They were so good I called them two days later once again to move some new furniture from Irvine.
    Would highly recommend them, price was a bargain and work was excellent.

  7. Sylvia G. says:

    Wow! I was amazed how fast Serg and Paul moved my furniture. In no time at all my things were in my new place! I couldn’t have done it in such Lil time on our own! They are very helpful, professional, and careful with my things oh! And did I mention fast! :-)

    I will definitely recommend them to anyone in need of moving!
    Thank you Serg and Paul! :-)